46th ECM ACECC in Manila, Philippine

The 46th Executive Committee Meeting (ECM) of the Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC) was successfully held in Manila, Philippines. The event was attended by a number of representative members of construction associations from 17 countries that are members of ACECC, including Asian countries, America, and Australia.

The activities which lasted for three days consisted of the Technical Coordinating Committee Meeting (TCCM), Finance Committee Meeting (FCM), Planning Committee Meeting (PCM), and Executive Committee Meeting (ECM). One of the topics that was also discussed at the meeting was the CECAR (Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region) conference which was organized by ACECC with its member countries as hosts on a rotating basis. The 10th CECAR will be held by the Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE) in Jeju, Korea on 21-24 October 2024 (access the page https://www.cecar10.org/ for more complete information).

On the occasion of the 46th ECM, ACECC launched the renewed website on the page https://acecc-world.org/. We hope this update will provide more up-to-date information about the various activities that ACECC and its members have and will carry out.